Security Consulting Center

Do you know if you are adequately protecting your data, your systems, and your applications? With the ever-changing landscape of threats and vulnerabilities, combined with the increasing sophistication level of cyber criminals, are you being diligent in doing the right things to protect your enterprise? Have you performed a risk assessment to determine where you might be vulnerable? What are you doing to prevent sensitive data from being lost or stolen from mobile devices? Online Business Systems is here to help you.

We take a collaborative approach by working closely with our clients to gain a strong understanding of their business model, critical data flows and repositories, network architecture, and systems that support the business. This allows us to perform a thorough assessment while we are on-site, and more importantly, puts us in a position to make recommendations that align with our clients’ business, culture, people, and technologies. In the event that we discover an issue, we work closely with our clients to perform a root cause analysis to determine the best means for remediation.

Online Business Systems offers a range of services to help enterprises protect their data and to help improve their security posture.

Risk and Compliance

Our Risk and Compliance services help you tackle the issues of corporate governance and risk management as they apply to information security.

Vulnerability Management

Our Vulnerability Management services include network and application penetration testing (also known as ethical hacking), wireless penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and application code review.

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Secure Code

Secure Cloud

Our Secure Cloud services help ensure that Security is top of mind when you begin planning your move to the Cloud, during the migration to the Cloud, and is a core foundation as your business grows in the Cloud.

Secure Cloud Migration